Progressive Memes and Essays

by Donald A. Smith, PhD

Scorecard of U.S. Lies about wars and proxy wars

War Number killed Lied? Notes
Vietnam 3 to 4 million Gulf of Tonkin incident, The Pentagon Papers
Indonesia 1 million The Jakarta Method
Dirty wars in
Latin America
100s of thousands Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua,Panama, Venezuela
CIA meddling and brutal U.S. sanctions continue to this day.
No wonder there's a migration crisis at the southern border.
Kosovo/Serbia 100s of thousands We were told it was a noble intervention.
The U.S. allied with terrorists, the KLA.
Key US Ally Indicted for Organ Trade Murder Scheme
Afghanistan 100s of thousands The Afghanistan Papers revealed repeated lies.
Syria over half a million The U.S. armed al Qaeda, working w/ Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.
Syria fiasco and Casualities of the Syrian civil war
Libya thousands Libya was prosperous. U.S. bombing turned it into a basket case.
Libya: The Forgotten Victims
Iraq 1.5 to 3.5 million No WMDs, no connection to 9/11.
How many millions have been killed in America's Post-9/11 Wars?
Ukraine100s of thousands The U.S. exploited divisions between pro-Western and pro-Russian regions of Ukraine and launched a regime change operation; Chas W. Freeman (former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and lifetime director of the Atlantic Council) says the U.S. engineered the 2014 coup. The U.S. armed far-right groups that had been condemned by Congress and the mainstream media.
Senior U.S. diplomats and two Secretaries of Defense warned that aggressive NATO expansion into Ukraine would result in a war.
The RAND Corporation recommended arming Ukraine as the best way to weaken Russia and predicted it would cause a war.

Would the U.S. allow Russia to overthrow the government of Canada, install the new Prime Minister, ban the official use of English, build up its military, and ally with and arm anti-American militias?

Harpers: Why are we in Ukraine?
How the U.S. Provoked Russia in Ukraine

Senior U.S. diplomats, Secretaries of Defense, academics, and journalists say the U.S. provoked Russia in Ukraine
Designs for Memorial for Victims of US Militarism
Dennis Kucinich: the US engineered a coup to drag Ukraine into a conflict
Seattle panel discussion on preventing war with China

Four Increasingly Cynical Views about the War in Ukraine

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Ukraine images
Ukraine Teach-in
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Hiding and Revealing the Truth
Seduction to the Truth
The American people demand an end to endless wars and endless lies
Ukraine resolution
Resolution on the Urgency of Transitioning to an Economy Based on Peace, passed by the Washington State Democratic Central Committee on Jan 28, 2024

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American Blockbuster Film: Endless Wars
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How can people be so stupid and gullible as to believe U.S. government claims about the current war?
The depths of the CIA's dirty tricks are unfathomable; in Ukraine they tried hard to hide their tracks.
And now the U.S. is actively preparing for war with China.

Senior U.S. Diplomats, Journalists, Academics, and Secretaries of Defense say: the US provoked Russia in Ukraine

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