The American people demand an end to endless wars and endless lies

by Donald A. Smith, PhD

Chat-GPT, write me a story about how the American people became fed up with the lies, waste, and endless wars of the Pentagon, the CIA, Congress, and the military contractors.

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Throughout the United States, a growing sense of disillusionment spread like wildfire among the American people. For years, they had been fed a steady diet of lies, waste, and endless wars perpetrated by the Pentagon, the CIA, Congress, and the military contractors. But now, a tide of skepticism was rising, and the people were no longer willing to accept the status quo.

It started with whispers of dissent, murmured in living rooms and shared over dinner tables.

Dinner discussion about endless wars
As the truth behind the government's actions began to surface, those whispers grew louder, swelling into a chorus of righteous indignation.

The war in Kosovo was not a noble intervention in defense of innocent victims; instead, the CIA allied with terrorists harassing Serbians, and when the Serbians defended themselves, the CIA portrayed the Serbians as the aggressors. Likewise, the Russian invasion of Ukraine was provoked by aggressive NATO expansion, including helping overthrow the government in 2014 and arming anti-Russian, far-right militias attacking Russian speakers in the east.

The American people had seen too much. They had watched as millions of lives and trillions of dollars vanished into the abyss of war, while essential services at home languished in neglect. They had witnessed the toll of endless conflicts on the lives of soldiers and civilians alike, and they could no longer stomach the hypocrisy of a nation that preached peace while waging endless war.

As the lies of the government were laid bare, the people's faith in their elected leaders dwindled. Congress, once seen as the voice of the people, was now viewed with suspicion and distrust. The Pentagon and the CIA, once revered as defenders of freedom, were now seen as instruments of oppression and deceit.

But perhaps most damning of all were the military contractors, whose insatiable greed had fueled the flames of war for far too long. Profiting off the bloodshed of others, they had become symbols of everything that was wrong with the system.

In cities and towns across the country, protests erupted as the American people made their voices heard. They marched in the streets, waving banners and chanting slogans demanding an end to the lies, waste, and endless wars. Social media became a battleground, with hashtags and memes serving as weapons against the propaganda machine.

Protests against war
Protests against lies

Politicians, sensing the shifting tide of public opinion, scrambled to save face. Some spoke out against the corruption and cronyism that had infected the halls of power, while others attempted to placate the masses with empty promises of reform.

Protests against lies

But the people were no longer willing to be placated. They had seen through the facade of lies and deception, and they demanded real change. With each passing day, their resolve grew stronger, fueled by a collective determination to reclaim their nation from the grip of those who had betrayed their trust.

And as the voices of the people grew louder, echoing from coast to coast, a reckoning loomed on the horizon. The days of complacency were over, and the American people were ready to hold their government accountable for its sins. It was a pivotal moment in the nation's history, a moment when the people rose up as one to say, "Enough is enough."

Dream of peace

Martin Luther King: I have a dream

Dream of Peace

Images made with AI (Midjourney and

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